Saturday, January 26, 2008

in the year 2069

My McDonald's store went bankrupt. >_<

My best record before this one was 2027. So when I already broke that record, I was really, really happy. I got bored in the middle of the game though, but still I HELD ON.

And now, Sadness dawns on me. And I was so close to reaching 2070. Le Sigh.

it out!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Alive again?

AMC class. Bored as usual. So I thought of passing by my long-abandoned blog. I remembered the time I created this blog. It was the summer after my highschool graduation. There was lots, and LOTS of free time. I said to myself: It's about time I do a serious blog! And so I did. I gave my all doing this one, practically updating it every day, thinking of fresh and fun stuff to write about. Come first year college, I still continued writing. I remember blogging about "Tom and Jerry", both of which I haven't seen for a very long time.

Everything was well, till LiveJournal arrived.

Come to think of it, it's not really LJ's fault. Let's just say, my life has changed since who-knows-when. But yes, it did change. And suddenly, I find the need to release all my frustrations and anger through my "more-private" blog. Funny how my emotions for the past years are reflected through my shifting of blogs. But it's true.

Fast forward to today, I thought of checking my blog for no good reason. The last time I posted was last month, a poem I dedicate for myself. Surprisingly, I find new messages in my tagboard. I'm surprised really, happy and even guilty.

All the good memories written in this blog, should I continue it?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Deep thoughts

Cheer up!

There's more to life
than sulking over a friendship gone wrong;
a relationship that never existed
or a fondness in the heart that was never reciprocated from the very beginning.

In life,
there are friends worth all the time and effort.
There are relationships that last a lifetime.
And someday, you'll find someone you'll give your entire heart to,
and you know very well,
that he will treasure it as if it were his own.

There's something in life that we call HOPE.

It's the thing that keeps us alive right now,
the drive that urges us to move forward, and not look back on all the the things that have happened in the past.

It comes in different forms:
a thing,
a stranger,
a friend.
It doesn't have to be something new.
It could have been there all along,
you were just too busy or preoccupied with something else
to have noticed its presence.
It allows us to appreciate what good life has to bring,
despite all the sad events.

As long as you see even just a little speck of hope in your life,
then I tell you,
you are one of the luckiest people in this world!

For my friends
who feel rejected,
and alone;
for myself,
troubled and confused.

This is in memory of the past
we can never forget
no matter how hard we try,
but we can definitely learn from,
as long as we believe in ourselves.

it will heal. :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Your Reputation at Hogwarts! (Includes the opinions of teachers my friend, and just about everyone else!) Girlies Please.

Your name: Kat Worthington
Your house: Gryffindor
Year: Seventh
Your appearance: Pretty with long brown hair, clear emerald eyes.
Your amortentia smells: Roses, lavender, chocolate
Your patronus: Cougar
Blood?: Half blood
BF: Quite possibly Harry or Ron. You decide.

Harry: She's a really great person; beautiful and good hearted.
Ron:If only I could get her to actually look at me for once...
Hermoine: Kat's nice...but she's just like Harry and Ron when it comes to schoolwork; mooching off me!
Cho: She looks like she could be in a relationship with Harry...
Draco: Not really worth my time...but she is pretty. Very pretty.
Pansy: Right now, I neither like nor dislike her...but if Dracky-poo likes her, I hate her.
Fred/George: She's nice...Fun Person, but gets kinda mushy around Harry.
Neville: I like her. She helped me in herbology once. She's very talented.
Ginny: She's okay. Not mean or anything...but I hate her displays of affection whenever Harry's around.
Crabe/Goyle: Is she some kind of food?
Cedric (dead): She's beautiful...wouldn't really give a Hufflepuff the time of day though...

McGonagall: Fairly good student...very good at transfiguration. I'm proud of her.
Snape: Not pathetic, but not fabulous wither. None of my talent in potions. Annoying habit of staring at me loathingly.
Binns: Must pay more attention in class!
Trelawney: I see a bright future...clouded by something dark...her parents will perish!
Flitwick: Dreadful at charms, but a kind girl.Habit of falling asleep, but scrapes a passing grade in the end.
Sprout: Genius in herbology. Great student. She's grown better every year.
Hagrid: So cute with Harry...*sniffle*
Lupin: Kat's a good girl. Could work a bit on her patronus, but once that's picked up, she could be as excellent as Harry!
Mad-Eye: I dont see alot of potential...but who am I to judge?

Fleur: She 'as beeautiful 'air, and she ees ze nicest girl I've met at 'ogwarts.
Viktor: I don't know much about her.
Mr/Mrs. Weasley:
Molly: Oh she is darling! Came by one Christmas with Harry. They look so perfect together!
Arthur: Now, now, Molly...
Madame Rosmerta: Lovely girl. Helped me repair a whole cupboardful of glasses one year.
Tonks: She's pretty cool...helped me un-jam my hair color once. Did a real good job of it.
Voldemort: Anyone with connections to Harry should DIE!
Sirius (dead): I'm glad she and Harry like each other...sometimes reminds me of Lily and James.
Dumbledore (dead): Always a star at Hogwarts. Special place in my heart like Harry.
Filch: Don't see her often in hallways...clean record, I reckon.
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

And yet I am not one of a kind, but just
one, of the kind. >.<

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My hands are still half numb, half shaking ten minutes I closed that book. This is why I hate reading slowly. I have this tendency to sink in every single word and detail of the story, then I start imagining myself in the story itself, and that creeps me out.

OMG, just in Chapter 5 and already one lost an ear, and another died. Can things get any worse?

Alright, that was a rhetorical question. Of course it will! >.<

Monday, July 09, 2007

Alright... so it's been a really really long time. Oh well, it's already the fourth week of school. School has been kind with me in some ways I couldn't quite understand. At first it seems really tough, but eventually things will be better. I just hope this keeps up through the rest of the sem. I don't mind tough work. All I really care is that things will turn out right in the end.

In other news, I am now, officially, a social-lifeless person. When last year I have to balance my acads atop of my shoulders, this year, I have to balance acads AND org work atop my skinny shoulders. >.< It's sad to confess too, that I've already missed watching a lot of movies this summer. Hopefully, after the GA video, I can watch Transformers finally. Also, I really, really want to watch HP5 this Saturday with Celadon!!! Wahh...!!!